Coconut Dish Brush - bamboo straws
Coconut Dish Brush - bamboo straws

Coconut Dish Brush

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Coconut Dish Brush

You want to have a natural, strong brush to help you cleaning a dish? 

  • Sturdy, non scratch multipurpose dish brush - perfect for cleaning non-stick pots and pans and safe on plates, dishes, glasses and stubborn tea stains on mugs.
  • Plastic free, biodegradable.
  • This cleaning brush is especially designed with a good handle grip for getting into hard to reach places. 

What Coconut Dish Brush Swap for?

  • Plastic brushes 
  • Scourers,

What Makes These Special?

Not only do Coconut brushes look the part, they are a sustainable choice through and through. The bristles are made from sustainable coconut husks (the outside of dried coconut).

Width Height Weight
8 -10cm 23cm 300gr
  • Non scratch

  • Cut through grease and mold

  • Have natural antibacterial properties

  • Free from toxic chemicals and carcinogens

  • Designed to get into tricky corners

  • Biodegradable

  • Easy to cleaning pans, bowls,...

Packaging: Cardboard - all Coconut products, their packaging and shipping materials are 100% plastic free, this includes labels and tape.

"Make cleaning work easier and time-saver - Choose Coconut Brush"

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